Affording Dental Care

Affording Dental Care

Health starts in the mouth! The importance of maintaining oral health through quality dental care is hard to overstate. As dentists, we have a great ability to contribute to the overall health and lifespan of our community, and we are committed to making sure dental care is accessible to as many of our patients as possible.

Our practice is a fee-for-service practice, meaning we require payment or a payment plan to be in place at the time service is rendered.

We Offer Several Different Payment Plan Options

We do not want anyone to put off dental care because they feel they can't afford it. We understand not everyone can afford to just plunk down the full amount for their dentistry needs. Fortunately, we’re able to make things happen for our patients. There are many options that can be provided to help you achieve your smile goals. We have partnered up with financing companies that will allow you to have zero financing for up to two years so that you can have the smile that you deserve. Our treatment coordinators here at Relaxation Dental have ways of making this work for you and making it fit into your budget.

Many of our patients have benefited from this service and have had their dental work done! If you have ALWAYS dreamed of that beautiful smile, Summit's Top Dentists, Dr. Brown and Dr. Hansen are dedicated to helping you achieve that.

We are VERY creative with helping achieve your dental dreams. Come in and discuss your goals with us.​​​​​​​

Learn More: CareCredit® Dental Financing Plans or Our In-Office Savings Plan

We Work With Most Insurance Companies

Nearly all major insurance companies will reimburse you for services rendered at Relaxation Dental. After your appointment, we will provide you with an itemized list of services rendered to submit to your insurance company. Call our office today to do a free insurance benefits check on your specific insurance plan. (719) 539-3145

We Accept All Major Credit Cards

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • Care Credit

If you are uncertain about the cost of a procedure, how to finance it, or have any other questions about scheduling treatment at Relaxation Dental, please email us at

For a more detailed explanation of our financial policy – Please see the updated Financial Policy.

CareCredit® Dental Financing Plans

CareCredit is a healthcare credit card designed for your health, beauty, and wellness needs. It's a way to pay for the costs of many treatments and procedures and allows you to make convenient monthly payments. There are no annual fees, setup costs, or prepayment penalties, and payments can be spread over the time frame anywhere between 3 to 60 months.

Patients are able to charge expenses as soon as they receive approval for a CareCredit card, and depending on the financing option selected, patients can make interest free payments. If patients qualify for a no-interest plan, Relaxation Dental pays the interest you. We are happy to help answer your questions about CareCredit, and if you are ready to apply now, click here.

Our In-Office Savings Plan

Many people elect not to carry dental insurance, which is why Relaxation Dental proudly offers our In-Office Savings Plan. As a member of the In-Office Savings plan, dental exams and x-rays are included in the cost of the membership. Regular dental cleanings (D1110) are also included as well as fluoride treatments and 15% discount is given on most all other dental treatment. You can purchase a single membership or a family membership and the membership is valid for one year from the date of service. Ask our team members to share with you the savings you will experience on your treatment as a member of the In-Office Savings Plan.

*In-Office Savings Plan cannot be used in conjunction with dental insurance and is not an insurance policy.

Our 2 Options for Savings Plans

1. Dental Savings Plan

  • $550 first family member/individual (Initial savings of $482)
  • $500 second family member (Initial savings of $532)
  • $400 each additional family member (Initial savings of $582)


Dental Services Include

  • Professional Dental Cleanings (2 per year)
  • Fluoride Treatment (2 per year)
  • Comprehensive Exam (1 per year)
  • Periodic Exam (1 per year)
  • Emergency Exam ​​​​​​​ (1 per year)
  • All Necessary X-Rays

15% Discount on all other services

10% Discount on implants and crown

2. Periodontal Care Savings Plan

    Low Annual Fee
  • $885 paid in full (Savings over $883!)

Dental Services Include

  • Periodontal Maintenance Visits (4 per year)
  • Fluoride Treatment (2 per year)
  • Comprehensive Exam (1 per year)
  • Periodic Exam (1 per year)
  • Emergency Exam ​​​​​​​(1 per year)
  • All Necessary X-Rays

25% Discount on Scaling & Root Planing ($275 in savings)

15% Discount on all other services

10% Discount on implants and crowns

Advantages of the Dental Savings Plan

  • No deductibles
  • No waiting periods
  • No claims to file
  • No frequency limitations or exclusions on discounted services
  • No yearly maximum benefits
  • No pre-authorization requirements
  • No pre-existing conditions limitations
  • State of the art facility & technology
  • Immediate enrollment
  • Highest quality of care for you and your family

Provisions of the Dental Savings Plan

May not be combined with insurance plans, discounts or promotions. A valid credit card must be kept on file at all times for autopayments.

This dental savings plan is not an insurance plan, but a payment arrangement provided by Relaxation Dental. and is not transferable to any other dental office or dental specialist.

Payment for services is due at the date of service. This plan is non-transferable. Benefits are provided for one year from the date the plan is purchased.

No refunds will be given, but patient reserves the right to discontinue payments and services. If Care Credit is used to pay for the program and for services, then only a 5% discount will be given on all services other than SRP.

To receive the full discount on treatment, you must schedule the treatment the day it is recommended. Any missed appointments results in the loss of the 15% discount


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